NICU2HOME Tips and Feature Videos

We are here to help in your journey through the NICU and beyond!  See the links below to watch the videos to help make the most out of your NICU2HOME app experience.

Tip 1: Navigating the Hamburger Menu Button Edit your account and baby information and take actions like inviting family and friends or changing settings through the Menu options. Visit the HELP Center to get answers to your questions.

Tip 2: Sharing NICU2HOME with Family and Friends Keep your family and friends updated on how your baby is doing in the NICU. Once you connect with friends and family, they will be able to view photos, see posts, and medical information about your baby if you allow so.

Tip 3: Using Update while in the NICU View your baby's vitals such as weight and respiratory support each morning at 7:30. Check out your baby's growth over time as well as see who is caring for your baby each day.

Tip 4: Navigating the Plus Button Easily call the NICU or create posts for friends and family by tapping the Plus button in the lower right corner. This is also a shortcut for taking notes and tracking feeding and pumping.

Tip 5: Tailoring your Education Content Here you will find articles based on your baby's age and development. Learn how to browse by category and tailor your education to receive article recommendations that interest you.

Tip 6: Tracking Developmental Milestones through Journey Celebrate your baby's milestones such as first bath or kangaroo cuddle generated by the app. You can also add your own milestones to record special memories similar to a baby book. Journey also contains checklists so you can follow your baby's expected development.

Tip 7: Interacting with Community Read about current NICU topics and find out what's going on in your NICU. This feature is a closed online community just for parents from your own hospital where you can feel safe to comment and share your own experiences.

Tip 8: Transitioning to Open Crib and the Discharge Checklist Once your baby moves to an open crib, it is important to find out what you need to learn before bringing your baby home. Here you can check off topics as you review them with the medical team and stay organized by taking notes on feeding plans, medications, and appointments.

Tip 9: Adding Updates Post-Discharge Keep up with your baby's Update once you are home. Input new growth and other healthcare information to continue tracking your baby's progress.